Assembly and packaging services can help alleviate some of the logistical burdens we face when dealing with packaging challenges. Contract packaging companies can solve some of these problems for you, simplifying your own workflow, giving you the opportunity to save money and improve performance with that simplification.

Some of these industrial packaging include kitting services, kitting and assembly, repackaging services, automotive packaging, automotive parts packaging, Mil-Spec packaging, custom crating, and more.

assembly and packaging services

What Is Contract Packaging, Kitting and Assembly?

Contract packaging is when a company hires a third party to handle the entire process of getting a product into its finished packaging. Depending on the product, the complexity of packaging can range from simple to vastly complex. Regardless of that complexity, contract packaging manages the whole process.

Automotive Parts Packaging

Automotive service parts are among those that consumers most often seek, so much so that many people automatically think automotive when they hear the phrase “aftermarket parts.” You may have to ship one large part or a bunch of very small ones. For that reason, it is a good idea to seek custom aftermarket parts packaging for your shipping needs.

If you are looking for service part packaging, engine packaging or have special requirements or specifications for your automotive packaging needs, we can meet them for you.


Kitting is a specialized form of packaging. With kitting, individual components of a product are manufactured. The kitting process then organizes those components into groups and packages them. A perfect example would be computer components. Computers have many different parts — each manufactured independently. A kitting service would take the components and group them so that they are ready to ship. The received kit can then be assembled into a functioning computer


Assembly can be thought of as the final step in kitting, but it can work as an independent service. Assembly, as the name suggests, is when components are put together in a working fashion. Using the computer example, the kitting service will group the components while the assembly service puts the final product together.

Benefits of Assembly and Packaging Services

kitting and assemblyKitting, assembly and packaging services provide vital functions for industrial production companies, but why should those services be outsourced? How does hiring a third party for these steps of the process really help?

The primary advantage is resource management. Kitting, assembly and packaging all require significant resources to succeed. Equipment, space and manpower are limited in any operation. Outsourcing such intensive parts of industrial production lowers overhead substantially and allows a business to focus on its strengths. These services can save money and reduce liabilities in manufacturing.

Additional benefits stem from streamlining assembly and kitting. That leads to faster order fulfillment, fewer shipping mistakes and cost-savings associated with more efficient packaging. When you let specialists handle kitting and assembly, you can expect the same level of precision in that process as you see in your own manufacturing.

Complete Packaging Solutions

Our Michigan packaging company can handle your packaging needs with a full range of services. They include everything from kitting and assembly to bar code printing, boxing, custom wood crates, custom pallets to warehousing and inventory management. We custom design industrial packaging solutions that are tailored to your production. These services are available with no capital investment on your part. That allows you to get right into production with the promise of reliable packaging.

We also offer repackaging services that lead to better satisfaction for the end-user of each product. When packaging upgrades can improve the user experience, we can efficiently upgrade your existing product to the better packages. We can help you strategize around your repackaging needs to avoid costly waste and ensure a smooth transition.

Contract Packaging Company

Contract packaging and assembly is one of the best ways for any manufacturer to optimize the processes that get their products to the buyers. Co-packing gives you access to high-level packaging solutions that don’t require major capital investments on your part. If you want to see just how much you can gain from the right co-packaging services, contact Export Corporation today.