Automotive Packaging Company

Are you looking for a way to make your internal processes more efficient while also reducing their costs? If so, it would be our pleasure to help you. Export Corporation is a leading automotive packaging company in Detroit, MI. We understand that you have a lot to do on a daily basis, and you may have a difficult time with your automotive packaging. Learn more about how we can help you, and allow us to cut your overhead expenses while making it easier for you to meet the needs of your customers and clients.

What Is Automotive Packaging?

Automotive packaging services are designed to take one of the most important tasks off of your hand. If you decide to go with automotive packaging providers, you will sign a contract with a company that will handle all of your packaging for you. There are a lot of services that an automotive packaging company can provide. These include:

  • Shipping: An automotive packaging company can handle your shipping for you. This involves taking your products, packaging them, and shipping them to their final destinations. An automotive packaging company may have connections with certain shippers that can help you save money.
  • Safety: Your automotive parts are fragile, and you need to protect them from impacts during their journeys. An automotive packaging company will work with you to find the best packaging solution available, protecting your parts from harm.
  • Speed: If you want to meet the needs of your customers and clients, you need to get their products to them quickly. An automotive packaging company can use its knowledge and experience to help you speed up your packaging time and reduce late deliveries.
  • Refinement: An automotive packaging company will continuously evaluate its services to make sure your needs are met. As your company grows, your needs may change. An automotive packaging company can change with you.

These are just a few of the numerous important services that an automotive packaging company can provide. Furthermore, these services can be customized to meet your knee. There is a lot of information that goes into creating, scaling, and assembling packaging for automotive companies. Therefore, you should partner with a company such as Export Corporation that has the training, equipment, and experience necessary to help you make sure that your automotive parts are protected.

Automotive Packaging Services

If you are looking for automotive packaging services, we can assist you. We offer a wide variety of services that we can customize to meet your needs. Some of our most important services include:

Engine Packing

One of our most popular services is engine packaging. During engine packaging, we will take your engine and other powertrain components. Then, we will prepare them for storage, shipment, or movement. You might be shipping one engine by it, or you might be trying to send them in bulk. There are a lot of moving parts in your engines, and it is important for you to protect them. That is where our experience can help you.

As an automotive packaging company, we have worked with countless car manufacturers to help them get the most out of their engine parts. We know that you need your engine to arrive intact, and we have a variety of packaging solutions that we can use to help you prevent dents, dings, and vibration damage. We also have packaging that can protect your engines against corrosion. Allow us to leverage all of our equipment and experience to help you protect your engines.

Aftermarket Parts Packaging

We can also help you with aftermarket parts packaging. If you have spare parts or service parts that you are looking to package for sale, we can help you with that. We understand that not every part is made by the original equipment manufacturer, but we also understand that aftermarket parts are an important part of the automotive industry. Therefore, it would be our pleasure to help you with this issue as well.

Our car part packaging services can help you protect your parts from damage. If you have to ship your aftermarket parts, you need them to arrive intact. Our materials are specifically designed to absorb the impact and prevent energy from being transferred to your internal components. For example, we can use corrugation to increase the strength of your packaging to protect your parts. Speak to a member of our team today to learn more about how our aftermarket parts packaging services can help you.

Automotive Parts Packaging

It is incredibly important to protect your automotive parts from damage. You need to make sure that your clients are happy with their vehicles and parts, and we can help you do that. The goal of our automotive parts packaging services is to make sure that your parts arrive at their final destinations intact. There are plenty of ways that our automotive parts packaging services can help you out.

For example, we can help you reduce your shipping expenses. That way, you can take those resources and put them toward other areas of your business. We also have a variety of solutions that we can do to help you protect your fragile components from harm. Furthermore, we can increase the strength of your packaging while reducing the overall weight of the package. This is just another way that we can make your shipping processes easier. Finally, we can also help you reduce your carbon footprint. If you want to make a positive impression on your clients, you need to focus on sustainability. Our internal processes can help you do exactly that. If you want to make your packaging more sustainable, our team can assist you.

Industrial Packaging

We also offer industrial packaging. We know that your parts might be different from those offered by other companies. That is why we offer packaging services that can help you design your packages, protect your parts, and make sure they arrive at their final destination intact. For example, we offer military specification packaging, boxing, and reusable packaging. No matter where you are shipping your items, we can help you make sure they get their intact.

Our industrial packaging services are second to none. We have the requisite engineering knowledge to help you keep both large and small items intact as a move to their final destination. We have invested a tremendous amount of time into streamlining our industrial packaging services. Now, let us show you how they can benefit you.

We understand that everyone has slightly different needs. That is why we always customize our services to meet the needs of our clients. If you are interested in learning more about how we can assist you, please reach out to us today. A member of our team is always standing by to assist you.

Turn to the Leading Automotive Packaging Company in Detroit, MI

If you are looking for help with automotive packaging, it would be our honor to assist you. At the Export Corporation, we have been in business since the 1940s. It has been our honor to serve not only the people of Detroit, Michigan but clients all over the country. We have worked hard to improve our services. Now, we offer not only packaging services but also custom pallets, custom crafting, and wood packaging. The only way we have been able to survive is by listening to the needs of our clients. Because we always put the needs of our clients ahead of our own, we have one of the best reputations in the industry.

At Export Corporation, we are always there for you when you need us most. Contact us today to learn more about how our automotive packaging company can assist you.