Complete Package Design & Engineering

We’re a full-service company offering custom industrial and commercial packaging design and engineering services. No matter the challenge, we can find a solution. We use CAD software to design cost-efficient and effective wood box, skid, and/or pallet designs, and sustainable packaging options.

We also perform Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEAs), develop workflow charts, and design internal control plans to keep each project running smoothly. Our goal is to help you protect your products, lower shipping costs, and stay compliant with regulations.

Visit our case studies page to learn more about our past projects.

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Custom Crating

Custom crates are ideal for transporting oversized or fragile items that need protected from shock, vibration, and impact. Our packaging engineers can design and create cost-effective, ISPM 15-compliant wooden crates built to specification, even for shipments weighing over 40,000 pounds.

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Custom Pallets

Export Corporation customizes strong pallets based on load capacity, size, and product geometry from plastic, metal, paper/corrugated materials, softwood, and hardwood.

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Custom Skids

Make transportation easier with a custom skid from Export. Our team uses wood, plastic, and metal to design and build skids based on your product’s size and geometry, as well as industry regulations. These skids are stackable, provide exceptional ventilation for items that need good air circulation, and are compatible with forklifts and pallet jackets for easy loading and unloading.

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Warehousing & Inventory Management

Reduce supply chain issues with help from our team—we have over 600,000 square feet of space in our Michigan-based facility. If you need your products tracked, consolidated, or deconsolidated to prevent losses or misplacements, just ship or drop off your parts to us.

Please note that we do not offer shipping services, but we will gladly work with your chosen shipping/transportation provider.

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Additional Capabilities

Export Corporation offers additional packaging capabilities for sensitive and/or critical items, including:

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Equipment & Machine Packaging

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Light Assembly

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Kitting & Unitizing

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Barcode Printing & Labeling

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Contenting & Decontenting

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Standard Preservation & Military Preservation Packaging

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Sorting & Sequencing