If you have a product that needs commercial or industrial packaging to ensure protection in transit via air, land or sea, we provide expert commercial packaging services. Whether your products need long term preservation, custom pallets, or custom crates that meet ISPM-15 certification for international shipping, we are the experts to solve any packaging challenge for commercial or industrial products.


Our project management team can help you meet your goals by designing a packaging solution from the ground up based on the part or piece data and how it’s being shipped. Our Michigan packaging company can also follow your specifications for precise protection and packing.

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Why Work With Export Corporation?

Founded over seven decades ago, Export Corporation provides complete commercial packaging services to meet the needs of our customers. This includes custom packaging design for critical or sensitive items, labor-intensive kitting and/or assembly operations, preservation, and warehousing. 

Additionally, we’re ISO 9001- and ISPM-15-certified and ITAR and SAM registered to ensure quality every step of the way. No matter what we’re packaging for you, our goal is to create high-quality, compliant, and protective designs that help get your product to its destination safely and efficiently. 

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Custom Commercial Crating

Crating is one of the best ways to protect commercial shipments during regional and international travel, especially if you’re shipping an oversized or fragile item that needs extensive protection against shock, vibration, and impact. 

Export Corporation provides fully customizable, cost-effective, ISPM-15 compliant wood packaging, including crates. Our custom crates are built to specification by our design teams and tested by our engineers to ensure they can handle the weight and size of your shipments, even in excess of 40,000 pounds.

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Custom Commercial Pallets

Commercial pallets can help reduce shipping time and potentially help you lower transportation costs. At Export Corporation, we’ve built thousands of custom pallets for clients in many industries, including wholesale and fulfillment, food service, and retail. We can customize your pallets based on load capacity, size, and the geometry of your products. Additionally, we also create pallets from various materials, including plastic, metal, paper/corrugated materials, softwood, and hardwood, and ensure all pallets meet regulatory requirements.

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Commercial Package Design & Engineering

As a full-service commercial packaging company, Export Corporation offers professional package design and engineering for commercial businesses with unique challenges. 

We utilize CAD software to transform part CAD data into cost-efficient and effective wood box, skid, or pallet designs. We will only move forward with a design once you approve it. We also provide sustainable packaging options. 

No matter the size, shape, weight, or volume of your products or equipment, we can help you protect your products, lower shipping costs, and stay compliant with any regulations, including military specifications and ISPM-15.

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Warehouse & Distribution Services

Issues within your supply chain often result in angry and frustrated customers. That’s why Export Corporation offers reliable warehouse and distribution services on top of our custom packaging solutions.

We have over 600,000 square feet of space in our facility in Brighton, MI, where we can store, track, consolidate, and/or deconsolidate your items to prevent losses or misplacements. All you have to do is ship or drop off your parts to us. Please note that we do not offer shipping services, but we will gladly work with your chosen shipping/transportation provider.

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Export Corporation Does all of the Heavy Lifting for You.


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