All-in-One Solution

Consider Export as your strategic partner – covering all aspects of your products pack and ship requirements and delivery spectrum – working with automotive, non-automotive, Government customers, aerospace, military & defense customers.


As you can see, Export Corporation is more than just a standard industrial packaging company. Export’s full-service packaging capabilities and logistics knowledge are its differentiating marque – providing customers the proven services of project scoping, logistical planning, consulting, receiving, parts-preservation, consolidation, repackaging, sub-assembly, warehousing, and just in time shipping management services. Based on customer specification and objectives, Export can design, manage, and implement all the product packaging and shipping requirements based on your objectives, goals and targets.

Our knowledgeable Service Representatives design, implement and track your packages & shipments throughout our process to ensure your delivery expectations. Our Production Control Office is always available to ensure that your goals and objectives are met while proactively seeking new avenues to optimize our shipping processes for you with complete packaging solutions and services.

Export Corporation Does all of the Heavy Lifting for You.

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