custom packaging servicesWorking with a custom packaging company allows you to benefit from personalized custom packaging services and solutions such as custom crating, custom pallets, custom wood crates, kitting services and more.

Whether you’re preparing for an international shipment and require custom export crating, ISPM 15 crates, or ISPM 15 pallets, custom packaging services offer you cost-effective solutions for safe and custom made containers that meet your specific industry standards.

How To Choose a Packaging Company

There are many companies which offer custom packaging services, but there are some key features to compare as you search for the best packaging company for your situation:

  • Convenient location: Freighting products across the country to a packaging service provider can create logistical headaches. Find a local provider near you or the point of sale to reduce costs and shipping time.
  • State-of-the-art equipment: Modern packaging requires modern manufacturing solutions. Ask us about the equipment required to move materials, build custom wood crates and secure products for shipment.
  • Industry expertise: Military equipment, food products, automotive components and other products require in-depth industry understanding. Our packaging team can meet or exceed industry requirements for Mil-Spec packaging, aerospace packaging, automotive parts packaging and more.
  • Clear communication: Do you receive the answers you need during unexpected situations? Clear communication keeps you informed and in charge of your products. Our goal is to clearly communicate the solutions we can provide for any of your packaging needs.
  • Competitive cost: We work to balance high-end materials and cost-effective solutions to help you maintain an efficient shipping strategy. Cost-saving measures shouldn’t take away from the safety of your products, and they can help you maintain a competitive price for your customers.

Custom Packaging Capabilities

If you need a way to decrease costs and better manage your materials, you need custom packaging services. Here are some of the key capabilities our Michigan packaging company offers that can improve your inventory management and packaging process:

The primary goals of many of these services are to reduce costs, organize shipments and protect products during the shipping process. Some are small steps that make a big difference, such as bar code printing. Others, including assembly and boxing, represent a major step in the shipping process.

Wood Packaging and Custom Crates

On-site crating can be beneficial for oversize crates or fragile parts that should be moved minimally. We can come on site for crating any parts if we determine this is the best course of action for the customer.

Custom Wood Crates

custom packaging companyOff-the-shelf crates are made with quality wood products and designed for domestic or international shipment. Unfortunately, these crates may not adequately fit your products or materials. Instead of using a general approach, consider a custom box or crate for a personalized solution.

Custom crates and wood packaging provide made-to-order solutions for your particular transportation need and product. Even extremely large loads can be accommodated with custom crating.

If necessary, product kits can be altered and components can be partially disassembled to create a smaller, more cost-effective shipping solution. This may be necessary if there are weight and size restrictions for your type of freight. Even if weight limits don’t apply to your shipping process, altering the dimensions and weight of crates and boxes can reduce the cost of transportation.

Our experts can assist you with these calculations. Your team can offload the responsibility of engineering boxes designed to handle your materials while staying within weight limitations. Our specialty is designing the custom solutions you need to meet constraints with either size or space.

Industrial and Commercial Packaging

Heavy-duty products require industrial packaging for safe, efficient shipment. Whether you are looking for automotive parts packaging, shipping military equipment or aerospace parts, an industrial package needs to accommodate extremely heavy and/or large items without exceeding shipping restrictions or dramatically increasing the cost of delivery. An experienced packaging company can help with the following:

  • Engineering and design: Virtual design tools start with a mock-up and deliver a design capable of handling your products.
  • Wood packaging construction: High-grade wood components are assembled to provide maximum support, shock absorption and protection during transportation.
  • Kitting and assembly: Multi-part items and bulk orders may need kitting and assembly services. Offer these services as a value-add to your customers.

These services are essential for safely delivering products that are ready to be used by your customer. Not all packaging companies have the industrial and commercial expertise you need to deliver on bulk orders or massive components. Work with our custom packaging specialists to avoid shipping delays or damaged products.

Automotive Packaging

Deliver gears, engines, axles and other important automotive components with quality packaging. Automotive components range from massive engines that require heavy-duty support to small gears and spacers that are delivered in bulk.

Because of the diverse range of materials and equipment dimensions in the industry, at our packaging and crating company, we use a number of automotive packaging strategies. These are some of the common materials that your automotive items may be packaged in:

  • Air-cushion packaging
  • Bubble and foam bags
  • Corrugated materials
  • Pallets

These materials can be used to create expendable or reusable packaging. A reusable wood box or steel container gives your customer a convenient storage system for use in their facility. They can also reuse it to send components back to you or to other facilities. An expendable package, however, is a one-time-use component that’s typically cheaper to manufacture.

Kitting services are particularly helpful in the automotive industry. Assembling multi-part products is a time-consuming process for you and your customer. Instead of spending time performing these tasks or asking your customer to perform them, let us become your solution for efficient kitting and assembly services.

Custom Export Packaging

Commercial and industrial packaging that needs to meet international shipping requirements can require custom solutions. Whether delivering products by air or sea, keep them safe with custom export packaging.

These custom products take a number of factors into account to produce reliable, affordable results. International transportation can expose your products to long shipping times, dramatic humidity and temperature changes, and other issues. There are also international laws regulating the acceptable method of transportation for particular products. These laws can change unexpectedly, so be sure you’re working with our flexible team to stay on top of current requirements.

Export packaging needs to be an affordable solution if you want to maintain your international competitive edge. Common packaging services for international shipments include:

  • Durable packaging for damage-free transportation
  • Complete compliance with international regulations
  • Timely delivery of packaging to meet deadlines
  • High-quality, branded packaging to promote your company

Contact us today to find out how customized packaging solutions can save you time and money.