From custom pallets, certified ISPM 15 pallets, to mil-spec wood packaging which meets military-grade safety specifications, you can count on the knowledge and expertise of our packaging services to ensure your products are properly protected. If you are looking for “custom pallets near me”, custom wood crates, or industrial packaging, contact us today.

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Benefits of Custom Pallets

Pallets have an enormous amount benefits depending on your particular application, and they can easily customized in regards to size, design and load capacity to suit your needs. All of these factors, depending on what you need to transport, what their purpose is, how it needs to look will all determine how much the pallets will cost. Some of the benefits of custom pallets include:

  • Provides quality protection for your items and spares you the time, energy and costs associated with having valuable goods damaged either in transit or storage
  • The ease of storage and ability to stack palleted items allows you to optimize space and keeps your warehouse organized
  • Provides additional safety measures for employees and workers involved in material handling utilizing proper pallets built to handle specific weight capacities.
  • Ease of transport: pallets have a certain degree of uniformity to allow forklifts and other equipment to safely handle them.

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Pallet?

Naturally the cost of custom pallets typically runs above what a non-customized pallet would cost. Depending on the design, type of material required, the load capacity and the quantity prices can vary quite considerably depending on which packaging company you are working with. We utilize CAD, Crate Pro and 70 years experience to design the perfect solution based on your specification.

Common Applications of Pallets

Common industries that we provide pallets, packaging, custom crating, and industrial packaging services for who transport products around their facility and from one facility to another include:

  • Military
  • Automotive
  • Food and beverage
  • Aerospace packaging

A custom pallet needs to hold the weight of the given item or items. This means the thickness of the wood used and other features need to be adjusted to accommodate heavy, bulky or irregular products.

One of the greatest advantages of a custom wood package is its versatility. These are common industries that use wood pallets, but you can alter the dimensions of a pallet to fit any industrial need. Whether you need a single pallet to ship an engine or an entire line of mass-produced pallets with custom dimensions, work with a leader in packaging and wood products.

What Are the Most Common Materials Used To Make a Pallet?

While pallets need to be affordable, they also need to be durable enough to avoid damaged and rejected products. Here are the most common materials used in industrial packaging:

  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Paper and corrugated materials
  • Softwood
  • Hardwood

Softwood and plastic pallets are some of the most common options, with a great balance between cost and durability. Metal pallets are the most durable, but also the most expensive. Corrugated and paper materials are typically known as ecopallets. They can be the most affordable and easy to recycle, but aren’t very durable.

Industry-Leading Pallet Manufacturing

Pallets are an affordable, familiar and reliable way to transport products. Pallets are typically a one-time-use product, but their low-cost manufacturing allows you to invest in pallets for all your products without significantly increasing the manufacturing cost.

A custom pallet secures an irregular item onto a firm, flat and uniform base. Once your items are safety secured on a pallet, professionals throughout the transportation industry are familiar with the safest and most convenient ways of lifting, storing and moving your items. A product that would otherwise require special handling instructions can be easily lifted and placed on the required transportation system to haul your products to your customers.

ISPM 15 Pallets

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ISPM 15 is an international certification that ensures wood products are free from diseases and insects. This helps reduce the spread of invasive species around the country and world. ISPM stands for the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures.

Standard number 15 requires any pallets, dunnage, crates and other wood packaging materials to be debarked. Next, the ISPM 15 pallets must be properly heat treated and fumigated. Wood materials must be fumigated with methyl bromide to thoroughly remove the risk of insects and diseases living in the wood.

This standard only applies to materials that are at least 6 millimeters thick and made fully from wood. OSB, plywood and other wood alternatives are exempt from ISPM 15. The label marked on materials that undergo this process is often called a wheat mark and must include information about the country of origin and the treatment used to pass the standard.

Many international shipping routes require this standard for delivery. Your wood packaging may delay or prevent shipping to other countries, which can stall the entire manufacturing schedule and harm relations with an international distributor or client.

Custom Pallets Near Me

Exploring “custom pallets near me”? A custom pallet starts as a CAD design and requires a skilled construction team to create in bulk. Work with a company that offers affordable pallets on a deadline. Be sure to ask about ISPM 15 certifications, military packaging certifications, like MIL-STD-2073 and other certifications to ensure your international shipment arrives in time and intact.