Kitting Services

From labor-intensive kitting and assembly to barcode printing and de-contenting, turn to Export Corporation when you need large or small scale kitting services.

kitting services

What Is Kitting?

Customers expect to receive components in a neat, orderly kit. Kitting bridges the gap between diverse production lines and the final customer. To achieve this, we work with our customers to create pre-assembly and assembly systems that make the transition efficient and affordable.

Kitting Process

Kitting can happen at multiple stages throughout the production process. If your facility is creating complex components, you may use kitting services to prepare components for full assembly. Manufacturers in the automotive and defense industries can use this service to streamline vehicle production.

Another kitting application is at the end of your production stage. Work with our team to create a kit that’s ready for the end user. Kitting in this way is part of the packaging process and improves the overall experience of receiving your products. It can also decrease shipping rates, making it more manageable to send your products around the nation or the world.

The process is streamlined when you work with a third-party logistics company (3PL), like Export Corporation, with the specialized resources necessary to organize, package and deliver kitted products. In-house kitting often leads to wasted time, storage space and accuracy.

Kitting can be used to group items in a package to prepare it for delivery, but it can also be used to disassemble components to prepare for delivery. De-contenting an engine is a common example of this aspect of kitting services. This reduces the workload of your in-house assembly team and allows for safe, affordable shipping of bulky or fragile mechanical components.

Kitting In Manufacturing

kitting and assembly

When applied to your manufacturing facility, kitting offers a number of distinct benefits. Here are some key reasons why you should consider kitting for your manufacturing process:

  • Reduced assembly times: Your in-house technicians should focus on the skilled aspects of assembling products, not organizing separate parts and packing them into kits. Kitting is a way to increase specialization in your assembly process for increased efficiency.
  • Reduced storage use: Various parts shipped to your facility without our kitting services can take up much more storage space. Your assembly team will also need to move between various storage areas to find all the necessary components to assembly kits on their own.
  • Improved accuracy: Let our third-party logistics team do what they do best. Our organized warehouse, RFID barcoding and other logistical services complement kitting and create an organized structure that promotes scalability.
  • Streamlined shipping: Reduce shipping wastes when you ship items to your customers. If your manufacturing facility is sending components to a different assembly facility, kitting services packages these products in a clearly labeled, organized and efficiently packed unit.
  • Fast-paced services: Work with a third-party logistics team that appreciates deadlines. If your in-house team is particularly busy, they may not have the necessary time and resources to kit your products in a timely manner.

Kitting and Assembly

One of the greatest advantages of kitting is that it’s completely customizable. No two companies organize the same items in the same way, so work with our team to create a kitting strategy that fits the specific needs of each of your components, clients and production deadlines. Personalized kitting services by an industry-leading team may be just what your facility needs to improve its bottom line.