Export Corporation has offered military packaging for over 70 years. No matter what the requirements are, you can trust our team for exceptional attention to contract detail, quality, and reliability. Our ISO 9001-certified team can handle everything from critical cleaning and preserving to ID marketing, labeling, and custom packaging. 

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What Is Military Packaging?

Military packaging is a way to preserve items of all sizes during transport and while in storage.

The primary method of preserving and protecting these items will start with custom exterior packaging, such as wooden crates.

Although all export packaging is subject to strict guidelines, mil spec packaging in general must comply with many requirements.

Some requirements are to ensure proper protection against corrosion, vibrational damage, moisture, and more, while others are designed to ensure proper labeling of all packaging.

Staying Compliant

To stay compliant with mil spec requirements, businesses must first understand which requirements your shipments need to follow and what that specific guideline is asking you to do. Remove the hassle and headache involved by working with a professional military packaging company like Export Corporation.

What We Can Do

Export Corporation assists in all facets of mil spec packaging, including military preservation, military packing and packaging, and custom mil spec boxes and wooden crates. Read on to learn more about each type of service we offer.

Military Preservation

Military preservation refers to the application of materials and methods designed to protect all items during shipment, handling, storage and distribution worldwide.


Military Packing & Packaging

Export Corporation specializes in all three levels of military packing (Level A, Level B, and minimal).

It is mandatory to work with experienced military packing and packaging experts with special packaging instructions within DLA and TACOM solicitations, FAR & DFAR clauses and industry standards (ASTM’s). Especially when packing and shipping to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and Department of Defense (DoD). We are your all-in-one solution and subject matter experts with all areas of military packaging and preservation.

Military Boxes & Crates

Wood products in compliance with Military specifications, requirements, and standards


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ASTM D5168







MIL-C 52950A

ASTM D3951





ASTM D1974




Why Export?

Since the mid 1940s, clients in the military and defense industries have continued to turn to us for their custom military packaging solutions. Although we do not ship products, our goal is to ensure that your components remain protected during the transportation phase. In addition to helping you create custom (and compliant) packaging for your components, we can also assist with assembly and kitting, sorting, labeling, and storage.


Our Certifications & Registrations


ISO 9001:2015 Certified CAGE CODE: 7A627

ISPM-15 HT Certified – Nelma-091155

ITAR Registered

SAM Registered

MIL-STD-2073, MIL-STD-129, MIL-STD-130, & ASTMs

NAICS 321920 – Wood Container & Pallet

NAICS 488991 – Packing & Crating

NAICS 561910 – Packaging & Labeling

NAICS 493110 – WarehousingDocumentation: WAWF

Export Corporation Does all of the Heavy Lifting for You.


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