Electronic Warehouse Management System

What Is a Warehouse Management System (WMS)?: Overview & Benefits

The days of missing papers, error-riddled inventory tracking, and logistical miscalculations are over. Today’s state-of-the-art warehouse management systems (WMS) are powered by software solutions that practically do all tasks necessary to streamline logistics and material handling and maximize warehouse space.

There are four primary warehouse management systems to choose from. While most warehouse managers prefer the standalone system, other options include supply chain modules, systems with integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and cloud-based systems.

Regardless of which system you choose, you can enjoy several advantages when you integrate one of these systems into your warehouse management process. 

Primary Benefits

Using Warehouse Management System in the Warehouse

Warehouse management systems contribute to the consistent improvement of busy warehouse operations. While many benefits of a WMS are self-evident, there are just as many secondary advantages to utilizing a WMS. These include, but are not limited to:

Better Inventory Accuracy

A WMS allows you to access inventory data in real-time to ensure the accuracy of product amounts and prevent underordering and overordering of products. By reading, storing, and tracking product serial codes, a WMS gives you constantly-updated information regarding the movement of products within the warehouse.

Reduced Cost & Waste

Overordering, underordering, and ordering the wrong products are common problems affecting warehouses that rely on older WMS software or manual processes. The immediate visibility of inventory data provided by the latest warehouse management systems will increase revenue by reducing waste associated with faulty tracking and ordering of products.

WMS software offers simulation programs that include 3D images of a warehouse floor plan. Managers will find this simulator extremely helpful when planning product movement, revamping layouts, and calculating the amount of empty floor space for the future movement of inbound and outbound products.

Automated Internal Processes

Warehouse management systems can also be integrated with various automated technologies to maximize scaling and expansion processes. Modernizing existing automated systems is called digital transformation, or the improvement of critical internal operations via updates to currently used technologies. Digital transformation can be implemented in stages to avoid shutdowns or operational delays until a WMS is fully incorporated and running smoothly.

Improved Inbound & Outbound Planning

Lastly, inbound and outbound logistics planning is one of the most time-consuming and complex procedures warehouse managers must deal with daily. Warehouse management systems work as tireless assistants for managers who must meticulously keep track of product movement within and outside a warehouse.

A WMS handles internal inventory labeling and placement tasks, scheduling outbound products, and determining the most efficient logistical routes. Powerful algorithms refine a manager’s ability to allocate employee resources to complete urgent jobs, place employees with specific skills in certain locations, and meet stringent deadlines that evolve unexpectedly.

Get Warehouse Management Assistance From Export Corporation

Implementing a warehouse management system is, in most cases, doable. However, the integration and learning curve associated with a WMS can be costly for companies that don’t have the funds available. Export Corporation offers experienced, affordable warehousing and distribution services for companies that cannot take on a WMS at the moment.

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