Custom wood crates being built in warehouse

4 Reasons to Partner With a Packaging Engineer

Packaging engineers use their expertise in engineering, materials science, and logistics to create functional, protective, and efficient packaging solutions. Their focus on structural integrity, cost efficiency, and regulatory compliance is paramount for businesses.

If your goal is to consistently deliver products safely and effectively, you need a packaging engineer.

In this blog, we’ll explore four essential ways a packaging engineer can help you.

#1 Access to Advanced Design Technology

Packaging engineers use many sophisticated tools and technologies to design custom packaging, including:

  • 3D Modeling & CAD Software: These tools allow packaging engineers to visualize and modify the design in a virtual environment before creating any physical prototype.
  • Simulation Software: Advanced simulation programs help test packaging designs under various conditions. Testing may include stress tests, impact simulations, and environmental exposure scenarios. Engineers can make necessary adjustments to improve durability by predicting how packaging will perform.
  • Material Analysis Tools: Selecting the right materials is crucial in packaging. Engineers may use material analysis software to understand the properties of different materials, such as strength, flexibility, and environmental resistance, to determine the best fit for each product.
  • Rapid Prototyping: Technologies like 3D printing allow engineers to create physical prototypes quickly. This allows for hands-on testing and evaluation, helping engineers refine designs and ensure the final packaging meets requirements.
  • Sustainability Analysis Software: As environmental considerations become increasingly important, packaging engineers may use tools to analyze the sustainability of their design, including assessing the lifecycle impact of materials and exploring recyclable or biodegradable options.
  • Automated Packaging Systems: For high-volume or complex packaging tasks, engineers might incorporate automated systems that improve efficiency and consistency while reducing the risk of human error.

#2 Cost Savings

An engineer can help you significantly reduce costs by:

  • Selecting the most cost-effective materials without compromising quality or protection
  • Designing packaging that perfectly fits the products, minimizing unnecessary space and material waste
  • Reduce the risk of product damage during transit
  • Design packaging that is easier and faster to assembly and implement automated packaging processes where feasible
  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards
  • Integrate sustainable practices into packaging design when applicable

#3 Better Protection

Protective packaging

A packaging engineer is an integral asset for enhancing the protection of shipped items.

They create custom designs tailored to each item’s specific dimensions, weight, and fragility, ensuring each product is protected against shocks, vibrations, and other transit-related stresses.

They also have expertise or use material analysis tools to select the right packaging materials based on the product needs, whether it’s cushioning materials like foam and bubble wrap for delicate items or insulative materials that provide adequate climate control for products sensitive to environmental conditions.

Lastly, engineers will thoroughly test designs to identify weak points and create high-quality closure systems, like tamper-evident seals.

#4 Happier Customers

Lastly, the primary function of packaging is to protect the product. Working with a packaging engineer is the best way to ensure optimal product protection. For customers, receiving an undamaged and functional product is a fundamental aspect of their satisfaction. Effective protection not only prevents the inconvenience of returns and exchanges but also builds trust in your commitment to quality.

Partner With Export Corporation

If you’re looking for a reliable packaging engineer, start your search with Export Corporation. We’ve been designing custom tertiary packaging solutions for military, aerospace, automotive, and commercial applications for over seven decades. We can create custom ISPM-15-compliant wood boxes, skids, and pallets, build tables and fixtures for temporary production lines, and provide corrugated or wood backup packs for returnable containers. We’re also ISO 9001-certified to ensure quality.

Please view our case studies to learn more about the packaging solutions we’ve developed, or contact us today to request a project consultation.