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3 Tell-Tale Signs That You Need a Co-Packer

An efficient co-packer can help you save money while enhancing the routine efforts of assembly, contenting and decontenting, inventory management, kitting, labeling, package design and construction, and more. 

But…do you need a co-packer? If you already have an in-house packaging process, you may wonder why you should invest time and money into finding and outsourcing your packaging. 

In this article, we’ll cover some distinct scenarios that make co-packing particularly advantageous.

1. You Have Fast Lead Times

If you commonly receive bulk orders from single customers or multiple orders from different customers, you cannot afford or allow your operations to be hindered by packaging process problems.

A professional co-packing company will take care of high-volume packaging runs, allowing you to focus more on enhancing production. Skilled co-packers deliver speedier turnarounds, quicken lead times, and help you get your products in customers’ hands faster.

2. You Can’t Keep Up with Consumer Demand

Not being able to meet your customers’ demand for your products is the most obvious sign that you need a third-party packaging company. A co-packer can help you if:

  1. You’re running out of warehouse space.
  2. Your staff is constantly stressed out about meeting demand.
  3. Your customer base buys your goods faster than you can produce them.
  4. You need more time available for marketing and growing your operations.
  5. You want to expand your product line but lack time to execute new production processes.

3. You Have the Money

It’s true that collaborating with an expert packaging partner will have a sizable initial investment, but it will lead to long-term savings, increased production, less stress, and happier customers. If you haven’t exhausted your budget leeway, you may want to consider spending some of it on a professional co-packing service.

How to Find the Right Co-Packer

Finding a packaging partner with specialized experience relevant to your industry or niche is crucial. You must search for a co-packing company with relevant certifications or registrations that coincide with your industry. For instance,  you’ll want to find a SAM-registered company if you’re a government contractor.

You’ll also want to ensure that the company you choose:

  • Has the flexibility to manage high-volume, simplistic packaging and/or complex, low-volume processes.
  • Is located in your general geographic region and familiar with your local supply chain.
  • Has the capacity to deliver exceptional services even under the most demanding circumstances.
  • Holds industry-specific certifications needed to enhance your products’ credibility and value and ensure compliance with federal regulations.
  • Shows demonstrable experience in your industry with exceptional customer reviews.
  • Has the ability to accommodate the type and capacity of your orders.

In many scenarios, this “back-end” production task is one of the most challenging to fulfill. It’s imperative for all parties involved to understand the intricacies at hand and to collaboratively work to implement consistently successful production runs.

Are You Looking for a Co-Packer?

Start your search with Export Corporation. We’re an ISO- and ISPM 15-certified industrial packaging company that has helped businesses in the military, aerospace, automotive, and commercial sectors for over seven decades. Please contact us today if you have questions about co-packing or want to learn more about our services and capabilities.