Design & package engineering requires hands on experience because the safety of your products depend on it. Our team of design & packaging engineers customize solutions to meet your specifications by utilizing design technology and decades of hands on experience. With over 70 years designing solutions, we are confident in our ability to protect your parts and products no matter the size, shape, weight or volume. Above all, if your parts or products are damaged in transit, the costs incurred pile up immediately. With this in mind, trusting us with the design and package engineering can cut costs in the near and short term.

  • Ability to implement customer provided part CAD data into packaging design.
  • Pre-production customized CAD designs to verify options prior to implementation.
  • Wood box, skids and pallet designs for export shipments, internal material handling, and temporary bank builds.
  • Tables and fixtures made for temporary production line trials.
  • Corrugated or wood backup pack options for returnable containers.

Export Corporation Does all of the Heavy Lifting for You.


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