What is Export Packaging? Export packaging is the preparation of products and goods for international shipping. In most cases, this requires more complex packaging and shipping materials than domestic packaging. Materials and packaging design will vary based on international laws, method of transportation (air or sea), cargo container requirements, shipping time, humidity of the environment and other factors.

Our Michigan based export packing and packaging company provides the expert packaging services necessary to ensure not only that your export packages meet all the international regulations and specifications but that they arrive safely to their final destination.

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Types of Export Packaging

There are many methods of export packaging to consider as you seek the most efficient way to deliver your products. Here are the most common type of packaging available for international shipments:

  • Crates or wooden boxes: Both wooden boxes and crates can be loaded in containers, on pallets or shrink wrapped. These are the most common container options. custom crates or wood packaging can be purchased in custom or standardized dimensions.
  • Pallets: These universal platforms allow multiple boxes, cartons and other containers to be stacked and transported using a forklift. Standard or custom pallets as well as ISPM 15 pallets are typically stored in larger boxes or containers to prepare for international shipping.
  • Containers: Shipping containers come in standard sizes and use durable materials for a reliable transportation option. Containers are often filled with a mixture of pallets, crates, drums and other smaller products.
  • Drums: Powders and liquids are commonly stored in stainless steel, carbon steel or polyethylene drums.
  • Unpacked: Bulky items may need minimal or no packaging before being stored in a container. In most cases, large items at least have dunnage placed around them in a container. Loose packing is the least common and can increase the risk of damage to items during shipment.

What To Consider When Choosing an Export Packing Company

There are many companies that offer export packaging services, so it’s important to find the best option for your industry and your export needs. Here are some key features to ask about as you compare packaging companies:

  • Dependable delivery: Choose a company with a proven track record of meeting deadlines, particularly for rush orders.
  • Understanding of regulations: International and military regulations govern what items can be shipped and how they must be properly packaged. If your export packing company doesn’t understand these regulations, it can delay the entire process.
  • Damage-free transportation: Industrial packaging isn’t just for show, so be sure your export packers create reliable protective materials to prevent your products from being damaged during shipping.
  • Convenient exporting: Find a company who offers convenient, hassle-free exporting for your peace of mind. A leading team of packing experts can manage all the details for you.
  • High-quality packaging: Your export packaging isn’t just a practical necessity, it’s also a branding opportunity. Ask your chosen company about ways to give a great first impression of your company and products through expertly crafted boxes, export crates and other industrial packaging materials.

What To Consider When Packaging Exports

export packing

While your packing company can help you with many of the considerations, it’s important to understand them yourself as you plan for an international shipment. Liquid cargo, perishable items and dangerous goods all need special markings and packaging restrictions. Air transportation requires crates to be less than 10 feet in length, otherwise you’ll be charged for two pallets.

If you’re shipping items on a freighter, then you need to be sure your packaging fits in a standard sea container. These are typically 20 or 40 feet long, 94 inches wide and include a 94-inch wide and 90-inch tall door opening.

Delivering items to fulfill military contracts requires Mil-Spec, or military specification, packaging. There are a number of specifications that must be followed, otherwise your shipment won’t be accepted. Work with a team for custom crates and military-grade crates to safely transport products. These specifications detail the materials that must be used, proper dimensions and labeling necessary for any item sent to a military destination.

Some military packaging specifications we have provided packaging solutions for include:

  • NAICS 488991
  • MIL-STD-1186
  • MIL-STD-129P
  • >MIL-STD-2073-1D
  • ASTM
  • PPP-B-636

Contact our Michigan packaging company today for more information on how we can help you with providing packaging solutions for the export of your products. Some of the areas we serve include Detroit, Ann Arbor, Utica, Clinton Township, Novi, Dearborn, Farmington Hills, Rochester Hills, Macomb County, Livingston County, and Oakland County.