When you’re looking for comprehensive, customized automotive parts packaging, Export Corporation is a name you can trust. Based in Michigan, we’ve provided complete packaging services to clients across the United States for over seven decades. 

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automotive parts packaging

What Is Automotive Packaging?

Automotive parts packaging is packaging for automotive parts, aftermarket parts, spare parts or service parts. This can be aftermarket packaging, engine packaging or industrial packaging, including custom crates, wood packaging, custom pallets, corrugated materials, bubble bags, and more.

Why You Need It

Let’s start by talking about shipping. Although we don’t provide shipping services, we know that there are many regulations that need to be followed prior to shipment. If regulations aren’t followed, they can cause shipping delays.

Additionally, improper packaging can be a safety and security risk. Automotive components can be expensive and time-consuming to manufacture—play it safe by working with a professional automotive parts packaging provider. 

Export Corporation can custom-design packaging for you based on your parts’ shapes and specifications. No matter what you’re shipping, our packaging will provide you with better protection, especially for fragile components. Additionally, we know how to stay compliant with CKD (complete knock down), MKD (medium knock down), and SKD (semi-knock down) requirements.

Benefits of Automotive Packaging

Whether you are shipping auto body parts, engine crating, drivetrain crating, transmission packaging, axle packaging or require automotive part assembly or preservation some of the benefits of automotive packaging include:

  • Lower shipping costs
  • Reduced packaging weight
  • Improved protection of fragile components
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Types of Automotive Parts Packaging

automotive packagingThe type of packaging material you need depends on any set requirements as well as the type of product you’re shipping. As a professional automotive parts packaging company, we can create custom packaging using a wide array of materials, including:

  • Corrugated Materials
  • Bubble Bags
  • Foam Bags
  • Pallets & Wood Boxes
  • Air Cushion Packaging
  • Composite Packaging
  • Steel Containers

Custom Packaging for Automotive Parts

As a full-service automotive parts packaging provider, we offer complete custom packaging solutions for individual components, bulk orders, and kits. Some of components we can create custom packaging for include:

  • Front Bumpers
  • Windshield Wipers
  • Engines
  • Axles
  • Aftermarket Components
  • Service Parts
  • Rims

Additionally, we also provide CKD, MKD, and SKD packaging. CKD ensures components are delivered as affordably and safely as possible, and is often used when sending automotive components to a different country before assembly. MKD is a process that involves shipping components versus a fully assembled automobile or separate parts, which makes it easy for post-shipping assembly. Finally, SKD is the least intensive disassembly process, and used for bulk shipments.

Why Work With Export Corporation?

Export Corporation is a one-stop shop for all of your packaging needs. We can create customized packaging designs along with assembly and kitting of your packaging, warehousing, and repackaging. We also hold a wide array of certifications and registrations, including ISO 9001:2015, ISPM-15 HT, ITAR, and SAM. 

No matter your packaging needs, you can count on us to get it done right.

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