What is Automotive Packaging? Automotive parts packaging is packaging for automotive parts, aftermarket parts, spare parts or service parts. This can be aftermarket packaging, engine packaging or industrial packaging such as custom crates, wood packaging, custom pallets, corrugated materials, bubble bags and more for packing and shipping custom, OEM, CKD or export auto parts.

automotive parts packaging

Automotive Packaging

At our Michigan packaging company, we offer custom automotive packaging services and solutions that fit the physical dimensions and handling concerns of automotive parts, aftermarket parts, spare parts and service parts. In addition to custom crating, pallet services, labeling, and more, we also offer kitting and assembly to efficiently serve your individual needs.

Benefits of Automotive Packaging

Whether you are shipping auto body parts, engine crating, drivetrain crating, transmission packaging, axle packaging or require automotive part assembly or preservation some of the benefits of automotive packaging include:

  • Lower shipping costs
  • Reduced packaging weight
  • Improved protection of fragile components
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Some bulky automotive components need to be packaged carefully to meet shipping regulations. Our team can help you identify the acceptable parameters of packaging for your industry to avoid fines, returned items or other costly setbacks.

Types of Automotive Parts Packaging

automotive packagingCustom automotive part packaging comes in a diverse range of materials and designs. The goals of these packaging products are to safely transport, store or preserve your items at minimal costs and carbon footprint. Here are some common materials we use to for packaging auto parts and service parts:

  • Corrugated materials
  • Bubble bags
  • Foam bags
  • Pallets and wood boxes
  • Air-cushion packaging
  • Composite packaging
  • Steel containers

Reusable and Expendable Packaging Options

These and other products can be divided into reusable and expendable packaging options. Reusable packaging is designed to be repurposed as its final destination. Sturdy wood boxes and steel containers offer convenient storage systems for your customer. Expendable packaging, such as corrugated materials and bubble bags, offer low-cost, one-time solutions.

Custom Packaging for Automotive Parts

The automotive industry requires a number of complex components to be shipped worldwide. Here are just a few categories of components that may need to be transported safely and efficiently from your facility:

  • Front bumpers
  • Windshield wipers
  • Engines
  • Axles
  • Aftermarket components
  • Service parts
  • Rims

We create custom packaging for every individual component, bulk order and kit. Wood boxes, pallets, crates and skids are popular options for securing these items in a safe, reliable way. The exact materials and packaging dimensions can vary, and an improperly packaged axle, engine, drivetrain or other precision component can result in significant risks of damage.

Packaging Design

If you manufacture custom components, then you need custom packaging to fit the altered dimensions of your product. Any alterations in the kitting process can also require unique packaging designs. Creating your own packaging can be a time-consuming option, particularly if you don’t have the available shop floor space for a dedicated packaging team.

Our packaging design services start with CAD designs and end with fully packaged items using wood, corrugated, steel or other materials. A qualified engineer ensures your packaging is not only safe, but includes space- and cost-saving design elements.

CKD, MKD and SKD Packaging

We offer automotive packaging solutions for CKD, MKD and SKD requirements. CKD, or complete knock down, packaging is a full disassembly process to ensure components are delivered as affordably and safely as possible. This shipping process is often used when sending automotive components to a different country before assembly.

MKD, or medium knock down, is a process that ships components, rather than a fully assembled automobile or separate parts. This balanced approach makes it easier for your customer to assemble your product after shipping. Finally, SKD, or semi knock down, is the least intensive disassembly process. These larger components require custom packaging for bulk shipments, but dramatically reduce the assembly time for your customer.

Michigan Packaging Company

If you are in the Detroit metropolitan area or Michigan automotive industry and deal with spare/service/aftermarket parts let us do the hands on packaging work for you. The value we provide allows Michigan auto industry manufacturers to focus on part production and max output. Let us operate as your packaging division and assist with our expertise in labor services. Contact us today for more information.