Aftermarket Packaging

What is Aftermarket Packaging? Aftermarket packaging is packaging for aftermarket parts (also called spare parts or service parts). Aftermarket parts are replacement parts made by someone other than the manufacturer of the original equipment. They often work as well as the original parts and are a lot less expensive.

These parts often have to be shipped from the manufacturer to either a retailer or the end user, and that is where aftermarket parts packaging, service part packaging, and automotive parts packaging comes in.

aftermarket packaging

Benefits of Service Part Packaging

Aftermarket packaging helps to protect the parts from damage while they are in transit. Packaging is made from materials that absorb impact and prevent the transfer of energy. Among the packaging services we offer are crating services, custom pallets, industrial packaging, wood packaging, kitting and assembly, corrugated solutions and more. Corrugation is just one method which can increase the strength of a packing material by creating multiple folds. The folds make the material stiffer and less likely to collapse when force is applied, protecting the contents within.

Automotive Parts Packaging

Automotive service parts are among those that consumers most often seek, so much so that many people automatically think automotive when they hear the phrase “aftermarket parts.” You may have to ship one large part or a bunch of very small ones. For that reason, it is a good idea to seek custom aftermarket parts packaging for your shipping needs. If you have special requirements or specifications for your automotive packaging services, we can meet them for you.

Service Part Packaging

Service parts are available for many types of equipment other than automobiles. Any manufactured piece of equipment is probably going to break down and require replacement parts at some point, meaning that there are service parts for almost every industry to meet that need.

Part of the value that we offer includes performing labor-intensive tasks related to packaging for you. We help you organize your warehouse effectively with custom pallets. Our expertise in automotive engine packaging, drivetrain and powertrain packaging, as well as military packaging and Mil-Spec packaging demonstrates our attention to detail and ability to comply with the requirements of a contract.

Contract Packaging Michigan

service part packaging

You may not have the time, money, or resources to build your own packaging facility and invest in the expensive equipment needed. Contract packaging companies in Michigan such as Export Corporation provide comprehensive services:

  • Assembly
  • Kitting
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Warehousing

In addition to saving on costs, using us as your contract packager provides you with quicker turnaround and effective packaging designs. We are flexible and handle your jobs with top efficiency so you can concentrate on running your business. With so much automotive manufacturing in Michigan, it is helpful to be able to work with a company based in the same state for aftermarket packaging.

Custom Packaging

Integrity is everything in manufacturing, and you need to be sure that service part packaging will not compromise the contents. That’s why we offer solutions such as custom crating. We design custom crates to have the proper load capacity so they can withstand the weight, but we also offer flexibility by not imposing size restraints. We make them stackable for easy storage.

Wood is a durable material that offers safety and security of the contents within. It is versatile enough to be used for storing other items after its initial use or can be broken down for reuse.

Packaging Design

The costs associated with service parts that become damaged in transit can pile up quickly. Trust our hands-on experience in design and package engineering to ensure your product’s safety. We not only draw on decades of aftermarket packaging expertise but on the latest computer-aided design technology to meet your specifications.

As a manufacturer, you want to focus on the production of parts to maximize your output. We want to help by handling the hands-on work of service part packaging for you. With our expertise in labor services, we operate on our customers’ behalf the same way a packaging division would.