Industrial Packaging

industrial packaging

How can businesses make sure their products go from point A to point B without suffering even minimal damage? That’s where our wide variety of industrial packaging solutions excel. Customized packaging can protect everything from tiny electronic replacement parts to enormous naval propulsion systems.

There are limitless solutions for businesses to choose from. The advantage of working with experts in industrial packaging services is that you can customize primary, secondary and tertiary packaging for each product. Here are some of the options available:

Bagging and Bar Code Printing

Whether your products require heat-sealed bags or barrier bags, industrial packaging services are the answer. Bagging is often used as part of a multilevel package solution with customized cushioning material, desiccants and exterior packaging. Product code printing makes tracking accuracy much easier for your business and your customers. Some printing options include bar codes and RFID labels.


Forget about one-size-fits-all boxes that waste time and personnel. Industrial packaging makes boxing better due to customized solutions that increase productivity and minimize shipping costs. Choose corrugated boxes with the ideal size and strength for each product. Select the right combination of flexible or rigid boxing for the best protection.

Reusable Packaging

Automotive manufacturers may choose reusable pallets and part-specific crates to streamline the assembly process. Reusable industrial packaging delivers exceptional strength and protection for parts, often including wood components designed to reduce vibration in transit. Whether you need packaging for your own warehouse/assembly line facilities or for shipping from one place to another, industrial packaging is an amazing option.

Mil-Spec Packaging

Any products destined for the U.S. military or the government need to meet demanding mil-spec packaging requirements. This involves more than simply boxing and shipping. Products for military purposes must follow standardized protocols carefully to ensure that the package reaches its final destination without needed to be opened or inspected. Our team has extensive experience with mil-spec logistics and packaging, and we’ve worked with countless military suppliers for over 70 years.

Custom Packaging Services

packaging services

Where industrial packaging truly shines is in customized packaging. This is what separates in-house and outsourced packaging solutions. There are many aspects to personalized shipping for each part:

  • Package design and engineering: Using virtual design tools, our team can create the ideal packaging solution for your products from scratch. This includes designing and testing mock-ups.
  • Assembly and kitting: With motors and other intricate systems, proper packaging often includes assembly. Our technicians can package components as required during the assembly process to ensure everything stays in place and safe from vibrations, impacts, moisture and other elements.
  • Construction of wood products: Customized crates are ready to absorb shocks effectively. We can create support systems to house and secure any type of mechanical part for automotive or aerospace applications.
  • By outsourcing packaging, your company gets the assistance of experts who take care of every step. Once the right design has been created, our team packages parts of every size in preparation for storage, national shipping or overseas distribution.

The Purpose of Industrial Packaging Services

There are several reasons why manufacturers and other B2B companies choose our industrial packaging services rather than taking care of boxing and shipping in house. One purpose is streamlining distribution channels. In other words, we take care of sending each product to its final (or next) destination.

Another reason has to do with industry and government guidelines. Regardless of the demands of your clients, international shipping has rigorous standards for packaging and logistics.

Packaging Services

Finally, industrial packaging is the optimal choice for product protection. We have the engineering knowledge needed to keep large and small items completely safe in transit, especially where assemblies are concerned. Our custom packaging also protects parts during long-term storage.

Manufacturers invest considerable time, energy and personnel resources into creating products. It only makes sense to ensure that these valuable items remain safe during warehousing or transit.