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What is Contract Packaging?

If you aren’t equipped to handle your business’ packaging needs yourself or you simply don’t want to do so, our Detroit packaging services company can do it for you. When you outsource your packaging needs to a Detroit packaging services company, this is referred to as “contract packaging.”

A variety of packaging services can be contracted out. Some companies only need barcode stickers to be placed on their item’s packages. It is more common for companies to hire a packaging company to put their items into pre-designed packages and seal these packages up. However, contract packaging can even include the design of the packaging as well as the actual assembly of the package. We can also keep track of the inventory that has been packaged and that still needs to be packaged.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of contracting our Detroit packaging company.

Benefits of Contracting a Detroit Packaging Company

There are many benefits to contracting packaging companies in Detroit Michigan. These benefits include reducing overhead, benefiting from greater packaging expertise, getting items packaged more quickly, making short-term and seasonal packaging easier, reducing manpower, optimizing your manufacturing process, and supporting sustainability.

Reducing overhead

One of the most important benefits of contracting out your packaging needs is that it allows your business to reduce its total overhead. For example, packaging requires numerous specialized machines. If you did not contract out your packaging process, your business would have to purchase and maintain these machines yourself. It’s much more cost-effective to have us handle these machines.

Greater packaging expertise

We specialize in packaging design and assembly. This means that we can come up with a clever packaging solution to any problems that may arise. This way, you do not have to worry about solving problems that you may not have experience dealing with.

Quicker packaging

Another huge benefit that you will see when you contract out your packaging services to us is quicker packaging times. Our expertise and top-notch packaging equipment will help us complete packaging jobs far more quickly than you could in-house. This means that you will be able to meet customer demand faster.

Easier short-term and seasonal packaging

Many companies face short-term or seasonal demand for certain products. It may be difficult for you to get a packaging operation set up quickly and for you to take it down quickly once the short-term or seasonal demand for certain products has passed. We have a great deal of experience meeting short-term and seasonal packaging needs.

Reducing your need for manpower

If you handle your packaging needs in-house, you will have to hire and pay employees to take care of this work. When you contract out your packaging process, you will be able to keep your company’s payroll down. You will also not need to worry about spending time recruiting packaging employees.

Optimizing your manufacturing process

Optimizing the manufacturing process can be difficult to do if you handle everything yourself. Instead, it’s better to focus on what your company specializes in. Contracting out processes like packaging can help your company optimize the packaging process by reducing both time and expense.

Supporting sustainability

It can be difficult to put together an optimized packaging process that is also sustainable. We have already put a great deal of time and effort into making our packaging process sustainable. If you contract your packaging out to us, you can rest easy knowing that your company is supporting sustainability more effectively.

Packaging Services

Industrial packaging

We have a great deal of experience in industrial packaging services. We know how to create secure custom packages that can protect heavy machinery and ensure that it gets to its destination safely.

Contract packaging

We have successfully serviced packaging contracts from companies in many industries. We have a great deal of experience with meeting any demands that may arise during the packaging process. We also pride ourselves on providing informative and friendly service to all of our clients.

Custom packaging services

If you need packaging for items that have unique dimensions, we can create a custom packaging solution for you. We have experience creating custom packages for a variety of items. Our expertise allows us to design and assemble these custom package quickly and effectively.

Wood packaging

If cardboard and Styrofoam simply aren’t strong enough for your packaging needs, we have a variety of wood packaging solutions for you to choose from. We can even create a custom wood package for your specific needs.

Custom crating

If you have a fragile or sensitive item that needs to be carted, we can handle that for you. We can even create a custom crate for your item’s needs. Our Detroit packaging company has experience designing crates for extremely large and heavy items.

Custom pallets

We offer quality custom pallets of various types. We can build custom ISPM 15 pallets if this is what you require. Our company can even build custom military-grade pallets if you need them.

Automotive packaging

As one of the leading packaging companies in Detroit Michigan, it should come as little surprise that we have a great deal of experience with automotive packaging. We know that automotive packaging needs can vary from secure packaging for delicate sensors to heavy-duty packaging for large engines. Our company has experience in all of these applications.

Military packaging

We even have experience creating and assembling mil-spec packaging. We can help you meet your military contract, no matter what sort of items you need packaged. We have experience with the specifications required for military packaging.

Repackaging services

If you need previously packaged items to be repackaged, we can take care of this for you. We will repackage your items to your specifications, no matter what they may be. You can count on our discretion when we are repackaging items for you.

Aftermarket packaging

Our operation has extensive experience with packaging automotive parts. We know that providing attractive and effective packaging is one of the biggest factors in selling aftermarket parts. Whether you are selling aftermarket automotive parts or other aftermarket parts, we’ve got you covered.

Export packaging

Export packaging provides some of the trickiest challenges for any packaging operation. This is because you have to consider the legal requirements that different countries have for the packaging of your exported items. Also, you have to consider the method that will be used to transport these items internationally, whether it be air or sea. When you need to package items for export, you should hire a Detroit packaging company that has extensive experience in this area. We have 70 years of experience in the packaging industry, so we can certainly handle all of your export packaging needs.

Packaging Companies in Detroit Michigan

When you are looking for a packaging company, quality and reliability should be your priorities. Export packaging has 70 years of experience providing quality packaging to our clients. We emphasize reliability and accountability to ensure that our clients know they can count on us. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, so you can rest assured that we meet or even exceed industry-standard packaging specifications. Contact Export Packaging today to learn more about the custom packaging solutions that we offer.