What is Industrial Crating? Industrial crating is wood packaging, custom crates, custom pallets, and any type of wood box, skid or base which ensures protection to industrial items in transit via air, land or sea. It could also apply to the crates or wood boxes needed for long term preservation which may possibly require meeting ISPM-15 certification for international shipping.

In addition to custom crating, some of the additional crating services our Michigan based crating company offers includes, ISPM 15 crates, automotive parts packaging, aftermarket packaging, Mil-Spec packaging and more.

industrial crating

Why Use an Industrial Crating Company?

When your products need to be protected from temperature variations, moisture, shocks and vibrations, consider using experts with experience in industrial crating. Benefits of working with a professional crating company include:

  • Protects valuable equipment, parts and products.
  • If the product is being exported or shipped overseas they can bring valuable knowledge of legal requirements and make sure your crates meet all those requirements.
  • Industrial crates can be customized to fit unique products in regards to load specifications and dimensions. Custom crates permit offer you the advantage of saving warehouse space and also cut down on unnecessary shipping costs associated with extra size or weight.
  • Details of complex and ongoing crating projects can be worked out in advance with an industrial crating company, whose expertise and planning can result in projects being completed within the allotted frame and within budget. This eliminates the introduction of unforeseen and costly issues which could arrive by individuals with less experience in the industry.

By designing specialized crates and wood packaging for your business, professional craters speed up your operations while ensuring your products arrive in perfect condition to their destination whether being transported by ground or sea. The crating company handles industrial packaging completely. That way, your personnel can focus on maximizing production output and product quality.

Custom Crating

industrial crating and packing

Does your business primarily produce complex assemblies or intricate parts? Do you need to ship heavy equipment with multiple support points? Custom crates provide a tailored solution for each one of your products. It doesn’t matter how large or small they are; we design product packaging and packing that delivers exactly what you’re looking for:

  • Size
  • Framing/reinforcement
  • Load capacity
  • Shape
  • Materials
  • Kitting

Our custom crating meets the most demanding specs for any industry, including manufacturers of equipment for food service, medical, farming, automotive, aviation, printing, mining, refining, parts and military uses. From compressors to industrial ovens, from precision electronics to oversized machinery, from the most sensitive plastic products to the heaviest equipment loads, we’ve got you covered.

Industrial Crating & Packing

You focus on making great products. We bring the expertise and engineering know-how to keep them safe. We build industrial crating from the ground up to deliver the strength, moisture protection and vibration dampening you require while staying within your company’s price constraints.

Wood Packaging

Not every solution needs to be complex. Sometimes you just want heavy-duty wood boxes, bases or skids that do the job right every time. Our reputation for quality means you can trust our pallets to last ages and provide durable support. We also design and build custom crates and wood pallets for safe transporting products, equipment and parts.

Industrial Packaging

We provide complete contract packaging services for manufacturers. Essentially, our expert team acts as part of your business’s packaging division. We take care of packaging each respective part and the final shipping container.

This is useful for safely delivering a large volume of products to distributors or retailers, from cutting-edge smart TVs to exclusive motorcycle parts.

We offer custom kitting services, carefully assembling, supporting and packing detailed assemblies for you to ensure maximum protection. You can also select specialized packaging materials such as shrink wrapping and blister packaging.

Crating Services in Michigan

Choose the industrial crating company with over 70 years of experience and dynamic packaging solutions. Trust our crating company to get your products to their destination safely and securely. Our custom crating meets the toughest mil-spec standards, and we’re ITAR and SAM registered.

Our expertise guarantees results that you can count on whether you’re transporting parts between manufacturing divisions or delivering custom items to high-profile clients. We’ve worked with top manufacturers and military personnel around the country, always delivering custom solutions that provide the perfect answer to shipping challenges.

We can engineer industrial crating and packing for any kind of export, including air transport, ground transport or sea transport. If you’re not sure what requirements or size constraints you need, don’t worry. Our team can take care of everything for you. All we need are your product specs.