Ship your production or service parts directly to us to ensure packaging peace of mind, inventory management and ship direct to the next delivery point. Some of our industrial packaging services include engine packaging, automotive packaging, automotive parts packaging, aftermarket packaging and kitting services. Contact us for more details.

automotive engine assembly

Step 1:

Received, warehoused and ready for planned specialty packaging & shipping.

automotive engine packaging

Step 2:

Custom packaging project materials cut to job specifications.

engine packaging services

Step 3:

Materials assembled to specific design requirement.

automotive kitting and assembly

Step 4:

Product placement within specialty package.

automotive packaging case study

Step 5:

Integrated securement that takes place between the product and product packaging.

automotive crating

Step 6:

Final safeguard crating to ensure secure shipping.

automotive crating services

Step 7:

Secured product package being sent to docking area for loading to carrier.

automotive crating company

Step 8:

Placed and securely positioned within carrier’s trailer.

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