Engine packaging is the process of preparing an engine and other powertrain components for shipment, storage and more. These heavy, complex components such as powertrains and drivetrains require special storage and packaging considerations, so many projects require custom packaging services from an experienced automotive packaging company.

engine packaging

Benefits of Engine Packaging

Protect your engine from a number of common storage and shipping issues. Whether you’re an engine manufacturer or a third-party logistics service provider in the auto industry, you can avoid these issues when you choose reliable powertrain packaging and drivetrain packaging:

  • Corrosion
  • Vibration damage
  • Dents and dings

Automotive parts packaging and aftermarket packaging when properly performed protects your engines and automotive parts by shielding components from the elements as well as other components or items in your facility. Industrial packaging such as custom crates, wood packaging, and custom pallets all provide the necessary protection your automotive parts require for shipping while also allowing for the heavy parts to be easily moved, transported, stacked or stored.

Another benefit of utilizing a packaging company to consider when custom engine packaging is if you are taking on packaging in house, this means investing significant time, space and resources into creating your own protective materials.

Outsourcing this step allows you to focus on the manufacturing process. Let our expert Michigan packaging company be your go to partner.

Powertrain Packaging

Prepare a variety of components for transportation with powertrain packaging services. Here are some example powertrain parts that require special consideration for packaging and shipping:

  • Driveshaft
  • Axles
  • Transmissions
  • Engine

These components come in varying sizes and designs, from OEM and aftermarket companies. Whether you’re manufacturing, assembling or storing these items for the auto industry, it’s essential to choose the right packaging materials and designs.
Consider the following packaging materials as you prepare to store or ship powertrain parts:

  • Wood packaging
  • Corrugated materials
  • Bubble bags
  • Custom crates and pallets

Drivetrain Packaging

powertrain packaging

The drivetrain is a more focused area of automotive manufacturing but requires the same level of dedicated shipping solutions. Choose drivetrain packaging that protects aftermarket or OEM axles, CV joints, U-joints, differential and other key components.

Consider outsourcing your packaging to improve the efficiency of your automotive logistics. Every package at Export Corporation starts with a CAD design service. Once the design is finalized and provides the certified protection and labeling you need for your particular client, it’s manufactured by hand to ensure high-end quality and tailored solutions.

Commercial Packaging Services

Engine components are just one category of products you may need shipped. Commercial and industrial products from a variety of industries need to pass international shipping ISPM-15 certification standards. Commercial packaging services offer this crucial certification.

Kitting services are another time-saving option when considering engine and automotive parts packaging. Instead of sending bulk orders organized by part, kitting matches various items in space-saving packaging. The goal is to not only save space but to reduce the final assembly workload.

Automotive Parts Packaging

Powertrain and drivetrain components are just the start of automotive parts packaging requirements. The auto industry works with an incredibly diverse range of parts and equipment. Consider custom packaging if you manufacture, assemble or handle one or more of these parts:

  • Windshield wipers
  • Bumpers
  • Rims
  • Axles
  • Engines
  • Service Components
  • Aftermarket parts

From air filters to exhaust parts, automotive components require unique packaging considerations to avoid damage during the shipping and storage process. Cut down on the cost and logistical considerations of packaging your own parts to streamline operations and enjoy reliable outsourced services.

Our Michigan based automotive packaging company has the expertise to take care of all your engine packing, kitting and crating needs. Some of the areas we serve include Detroit, Ann Arbor, Novi, Farmington Hills, Dearborn, Oakland County, Macomb County, Clinton Township and more. Contact us today for more details.