In business for over 70 years, Export Corporation offers superior kitting, assembly, and packaging services for clients in the military and defense, automotive, commercial, and aerospace sectors. To ensure quality, accuracy, and compliance, we also hold several certifications and registrations, including ISO 9001:2015, ISPM-15 HT, ITAR, and SAM. 

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Assembly Services

Export Corporation helps you save time and money by providing professional assembly and packaging services. 

Assembly involves the organization of individual products into a kit. For example, certain components needed to rebuild a motor or transmission would be assembled together in a single kit, which can then help manufacturers eliminate waste, reduce the number of boxes that are being shipped, and potentially lower freight costs. 

Our team can assemble all types of qualifying automotive, defense, commercial, and aerospace components, regardless of size.

Kitting Services

Kitting refers to the process of combining certain products under one stock-keeping unit (SKU) instead of individual SKUs. However, not all products can or should be kitted together. While kitting may help you potentially save money and reduce inventory loss, there is a downside; if the wrong items are packaged together, it can cause the weight of the package to increase, which will then increase shipping costs.

Consulting with a professional industrial packaging company like Export Corporation can help you understand how to safely and cost-effectively perform kitting.

Advantages of Assembly & Kitting Services

-Reduces Return Rates & Shipping Costs

-Increases AOV (Average Order Value)

-Streamlines Inventory Organization

-Optimizes Workforce Efficiency & Productivity 

-Controls Inventory Expenses (Storage Space, Insurance, Warehouse Labor, etc)

-Reduces Risk of Errors & Delivery Delays

-Expedites Inventory Turnover & Replacement

What Export Corporation Can Do for You

Export’s kitting service specialists can help you understand which items can be kitted. In addition to our assembly and kitting services, we also provide bagging/banding, barcode printing, RFID labeling, sequencing, contenting and de-contenting, inspections, labeling and relabeling, quality inspections, repackaging services, and unitizing. 

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