Our Michigan packaging company is backed by more than seven decades of experience in industrial packaging. The packaging services we offer are just as diverse as our clientele, because we understand no two businesses are alike. Not only can we help put a plan into action, we can also design a logistics and/or packaging solution that expressly meets your needs.

Serving Oakland County, Macomb County, Clinton Township and cities including Detroit, Farmington Hills, Novi, Dearborn, Utica and more, some of the services our packaging and crating company provides include: custom crating, custom pallets, wood packaging, military packaging, kitting and assembly, aerospace packaging, and more. Contact us today for more details.

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When it comes to your business, you probably prefer a hands-on approach. While this is beneficial in some aspects, in others it makes more sense to outsource services to a skilled and qualified third-party. This is especially true when it comes to packaging services. You want a company that has not only the experience to tackle labor-intensive jobs, but is also dedicated to quality every step of the way.

Packaging Services We Provide

In order to understand why we’re considered a premier Michigan packaging company, you must first understand the many services we provide:

  • Complete Packaging – We offer an expansive menu of packaging services to best meet your needs. We tackle bagging, boxing, sorting, repackaging, counting, contenting, unitizing, custom crating, custom pallets and more. You specify the details, and we provide the manpower, equipment, and knowledge.
  • Assembly and Kitting – kitting and assembly can be labor-intensive, but we’re equipped to handle any job. Look to us for assistance with bar code printing, inspection, de-contenting, kit assembly, testing, labeling/re-labeling, and more. We handle jobs and parts of all scopes and sizes.
  • Warehousing and Distribution – Building and running your own warehouse is cost-prohibitive, so we provide a more affordable solution. Our facility is capable of handling all types of products and parts. We also perform returns and restock management, consolidation/de-consolidation, and program design.
  • Design and Package Engineering – Sometimes, you need a customized logistics solution for the best results. That’s why we offer services tailored to your specific needs, designed with the latest technology. We’ll create pre-production CAD designs for your approval before getting started. We also offer many options, including skids, pallets, and wood boxes to effectively meet your needs.

Industries Served

As Michiganders We pride ourselves on our skill in a multitude of industries. When it comes to military applications, we’re your go-to logistics providers. We have a vast knowledge of the military packaging process, and we also have the certifications necessary to do so. Naturally since the Motor City is right in our backyard, we’re also quite adept in automotive parts packaging. We have multiple teams to help out in different areas, from package engineering to assembly.

We understand the needs of commercial clients when it comes to packaging. We make sure our solutions meet all the necessary specifications and that your items are safeguarded in transit. We can even meet the needs of aerospace customers, which requires an exacting attention to detail. We have the right knowledge, experience, and manpower to address even the most complex projects.

Complete Packaging Services

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We’re proud of the seamless process we use to meet and exceed customer expectations. It begins with package design/engineering, which allows us to develop a fitting solution for your business’s needs. Next is the procurement stage, where we compile quality materials to complete your job.

After that is assembly. We recognize that not all businesses have the space or the staff to complete the assembly process, but we’re equipped with the team and ability to do so. Finally, we receive parts and products from your suppliers, perform inventory management, and finalize with comprehensive quality checks.

Packaging Logistics Provider in Michigan

If you’re in need of our services, the next step is to reach out for your free quote. We look forward to developing effective, efficient solutions on your behalf and ensuring your business has what it needs to thrive. As a Michigan based packaging company, we provide crates, pallets and industrial packaging to cities including Detroit, Brighton, Clinton Twp., Ann Arbor, Southgate and more. Contact us today to find out how we can assist.