Looking for “custom crating near me” in Michigan? Custom crating can be a time-consuming and costly project to undertake. If your manufacturing facility specializes in custom components, find out how the crating services of our MI based crating company reduce the cost of your crating without compromising its integrity.

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Benefits of Custom Crating

The process of packaging and shipping takes time and money and it is important to consider a number of key factors to insure that your items are properly protected, packaged securely and that they reach their destination safely. In the event of storage and warehousing the principle is the same. Some of the many benefits custom crating offers include:

  • Zero size restraints and flexible options to insure that your crates are not taking up way more space than they need to
  • Security and safety: wood crates are durable and provide excellent protection for the items inside. Options to include a lid or hinged top allows for easy access to the products inside without requiring the crate be lifted
  • Crates can be reusable. There are many options for reusing a crate once you no longer are transporting an item in it. New items can be stored or transported in it, or it could be broken down and the wood used for other projects. Options for reusing a crate are practically unlimited
  • Ease of transportation and storage: in the event of heavy items many crates will be situated on top of a pallet which can easily be moved using a forklift. If you are simply storing items, crates offer that advantage of saving lots of space as they can be designed to be stackable.
  • Proper load capacity: a custom crate can be designed to insure that it is built properly to handle the weight of the item being transported.

What are the Most Common Types of Crates?

Some common crates include heavy duty crates, one way crates, crates for international shipment, crates for heavy parts going a long distance, crates for high value parts or equipment that needs to be protected.

Are there Weight and Size Limitations for Custom Crates?

There are size limitations based on how the crate is going to be transported. For example, if a crate is wider than the width of a lane on the road, special permits and escorts are required to safely transport the crate and its contents.

We build every crate to a specification so that we know the engineering has been tested and engineered to handle a specific weight. We have built crates for items that weigh a few pounds to some that exceed 40,000 lbs.

Do you do On-Site Crating?

On-site crating can be beneficial for oversize crates or fragile parts that should be moved minimally. We can come on site for crating any parts if we determine this is the best course of action for the customer.

Custom Wood Crates

Diverse commercial shipments require innovative crating technology. Whether you’re shipping items by land, air or sea, work with a crating company that offers long-term preservation, affordable custom wood crates and specialized industrial support. These diverse services come together to help you deliver on your promises. Whether your manufacturing team is on time or delayed, a reliable crating team can help you reduce the keep your shipping dates on schedule.

Send your bulky items, large orders and international shipments with confidence by choosing an ISPM-15 certified team. From a one-time shipment to a long-term relationship, verify that your chosen crating company has the resources, certifications and experience necessary to handle your industry-specific requirements.

Our industrial packaging company specializes a wide variety of crating services in your industry, from military-grade custom crating 480 to affordable automotive wood crates.

Military-Grade Crates

Shipping items for military contracts requires rigid packaging requirements. These requirements are essential for continuing your military contract and ensuring your sensitive components arrive in time and intact.

Because of the wide range of military packaging specifications to conform to, consider working with a custom crating company. Our expert craters conform to these and other military specifications in all of our custom crating, dunnage and other packaging materials:

  • NAICS 488991
  • MIL-STD-1186
  • MIL-STD-129P
  • MIL-STD-2073-1D
  • ASTM
  • PPP-B-636

These are just a few common military crating specifications. Ask about your specific shipping requirements to confirm that your chosen crating company has the certifications necessary to send your items.

Ship to the Department of Defense or Defense Logistics Agency with the latest in wood crate specifications. Instead of investing time and energy maintaining packaging certifications and keeping up with recent regulation changes, work with a packaging company with the proper credentials.

It all starts with state-of-the-art design software. CAD, Crate Pro and a skilled design team are crucial to reaching your shipping goals. An improper crating design requires adjustments after construction, which delays your entire manufacturing and shipping time frame. From a sturdy crate to a full crate kit, it’s essential that you receive the shipping materials you need on an accelerated time frame.

Aerospace Equipment Wood Crates

Basic airplane components and innovative specialty components all need to be handled with care. Wood cates are an industry standard for transporting sensitive aerospace components, but many of these crates need to be custom made. Work with an ITAR-registered shipping company to safely load, store and ship custom components from your manufacturing facility. This reduces the risk of transportation issues and allows your engineers to focus on their area of specialty.

Specialized Automotive Component Crating

custom crating near me

From a large engine to thousands of automotive fasteners, you need a reliable packaging program to keep your assembly lines running. Don’t let shipping and handling concerns slow down your dies, CNC machines and presses, but work with an industry-leading provider of custom wood crates 170 and other crating products.

Automotive parts are often heavy and cumbersome to ship. Hydraulic pumps, engines, axles, tires and other components are too bulky to fit safely into traditional packaging options. Custom crating keeps them secure while still providing a durable framework to ensure your rebuilt or newly manufactured items make it to your customers.

A custom crate is one step of the process, but full-service automotive shipping services also include contenting and packing. Don’t make your employees spend valuable time preparing components to fit in custom crates, but let the experts handle loading, securing and packaging your products for national or international shipping.

Custom Crating Near Me

If you are searching for “custom crating near me”, look no further. Export Corporation’s Michigan based crating company has the expertise to take care of all your custom wood packaging needs. Some of the areas we serve include Detroit, Ann Arbor, Novi, Farmington Hills, Dearborn, Oakland County, Macomb County, Clinton Township and more. Contact us today for more details.