Packaging Services

We provide a variety of packaging services to make sure our clients are properly supported. Some of our industrial packaging specialties include: custom crating, custom pallets, military packaging, aerospace packaging, kitting and assembly, and much more.

packaging services

We understand that businesses have different needs when it comes to logistics solutions. That’s why we make sure the services we provide encompass a wide range of areas. Distribution packaging entails numerous steps, and each one is vitally important. First, we package your products and store them in our warehouse for easy retrieval. From there, we prepare the order for shipment and distribute to as many destinations as you require.

We’re also quite proud of our reputation as one of the most trusted contract packaging companies. Our extensive knowledge and expertise allows us to devise the best assembly/creation solution for your business’s specific product or part. We also perform service parts packaging. With our help, you can train your focus on other areas of your business, as you’ll rest assured that your part or product is being packaged and distributed effectively and efficiently.

Services We Provide

For our Michigan packaging company to provide the biggest benefit to customers, we must offer a full range of services. Here are a few of those services, so you can make an informed decision about how we can best service your business:

Complete Packaging

Taking care of your own packaging needs can lead to costly mistakes. It can also take your workforce’s attention away from other matters. With our complete packaging services, you can look forward to a variety of capabilities. These include labeling, repackaging, bagging, contenting, counting, inventory management, military packaging, preservation, sequencing, and many others.

Warehousing and Distribution

michigan packaging company

While we’re headquartered in Brighton, MI, we also have four other Southeast Michigan locations to best serve your needs. Our team is equipped to handle distribution of bulk orders or those involving a single unit. We also have experience with many types of products and parts, and you can always rest assured that your package will arrive on time to its location. Other warehousing and distribution services include program design, overseas shipping, return management, consolidation, and many others.

Assembly and Kitting

You send us the parts, and we’ll assemble them to your exact specifications. This includes parts of all sizes and descriptions, and we can tackle even the most complex assembly involving complicated engines and other systems. With our assembly and kitting service, you can look forward to sorting, testing, quality inspection, bar code printing, and many other services, all performed with your satisfaction in mind.

Design and Package Engineering

Protecting your parts and products is a must when they’re being prepared for shipping and distribution. During pre-production, we use customized CAD designs to ensure your packaging solution offers the greatest level of protection. When it comes to returnable containers, we offer both wood and corrugated options. We also provide solutions for export shipments, including wood box and pallet designs.

Michigan Packaging Company

Our team is committed to quality no matter the size or scope of the project. We take pride in helping our clients with their logistics needs, and we’re always available to answers questions and offer solutions. When you partner with us, you boost efficiency and ensure your business has the support it needs to grow and expand well into the future.