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Advantages & Applications of Wood Packaging

Choosing the right packaging ensures safe transport and compliance with federal packaging regulations. Many companies shipping exports opt for custom wood packaging for many reasons, among them including their durability, versatility, and safety. We’ll cover more of these benefits in detail in this blog. 


Sourced from nature, real wood is about as eco-friendly as a manufacturing material can be. Unlike chemical-laden plastic, wood is non-toxic and biodegradable. Untreated and heat-treated wood breaks down naturally over time, leaving nothing behind to damage the environment. However, improperly disposed plastic, metal, and cardboard packaging can contaminate the soil and pollute local water supplies. Plus, plastic can take centuries to decompose. Additionally, wood is a replenishable resource. 


Wooden pallets, crates, and boxes can withstand more weight than cardboard or plastic alternatives. Unlike cardboard, which is made from heavy-duty paper, wood is made of hard fibers that are much stronger. A harder substance like wood is more long-lasting and can withstand environmental conditions, like exposure to water, much better than cardboard. Plus, custom wooden packaging can be repaired if damaged and left outside in inclement weather if needed.


Wooden packaging can be customized to meet your company’s unique size, weight limit, shape, and industry compliance requirements. You may also order special interior drawers, shelves, reinforcement steel, hinged doors, or ramps and pulleys to suit your needs, optimize safety, and simplify transit. 

Applications of Wood Packaging in Different Industries

custom wood packaging

Wood can be used to manufacture all types of packaging, including boxes, crates, and pallets. The type of packaging used will vary depending on the product(s) being transported and application requirements. Let’s take a closer look at each type of wooden packaging and its use cases.

Custom Wooden Boxes

Wooden boxes are designed to protect merchandise from damage, loss, and harsh climatic conditions. They’re also ideal for products that need extra protection against vibration, shock, and impact, like glassware and electronics. Wooden boxes are also great for packaging and shipping fruits and vegetables because they create a more breathable environment that reduces potential spoilage. Because wooden boxes are stackable and provide exceptional protection, they’re also used for long-term storage. 

Custom Wooden Crates

Custom-designed crates are used to safely transport bulky and irregularly shaped items, no matter how large. Crates can be built to a part’s specific dimensions and torn down and repurposed when no longer in use. The military and defense industry also relies on wooden crates to ship and transport sensitive and otherwise valuable materials, like ammunition and weapons. 

Custom Wooden Pallets

There are several types of wooden pallets, including block, stringer, four-way stringer, solid deck, and double-wing. Pallets are primarily used for bulk transportation, as they can simultaneously hold several boxes and crates. Many industries rely on them, from automotive and consumer goods to aerospace and military. Pallets are also stackable, making it easy to store bulk goods until they’re ready to ship. 

Explore More Benefits of Wooden Packaging

Using the wrong material or ill-designed packaging can lead to shipping delays, product damage, and unsatisfied customers. If you need help designing or selecting the best materials for your packaging, let our team at Export Corporation help you. Founded over 70 years ago, we specialize in designing and building custom tertiary packaging for companies in the aerospace, automotive, commercial, and military/defense sectors. Contact us today to learn more about our wood packaging capabilities or to request a consultation.