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The Benefits of Integrating Assembly Into Packaging Operations

Businesses are always looking for ways to cut costs and improve process efficiencies. One way businesses achieve this is by integrating assembly into their packaging operations or hiring a third-party provider to handle both services.

Integrating assembly (the process of putting together various components of a product) with subsequent packaging of that product for shipment, all within a single, coordinated operation, can significantly reduce the complexities and redundancies often encountered when these processes are handled separately, resulting in faster shipping times and reduced labor costs.

Reduced Shipping Times

packaging an assembled piece

Combining assembly and packaging into one process can reduce shipping times in more than one way:

  • Streamlining Workflow: Consolidating these two processes means the need to transfer products between different locations or departments for assembly and then packaging is eliminated, cutting down the overall processing time.
  • Enhancing Coordination: It also improves coordination between assembly and packaging teams. This synchronization ensures that products are immediately transitioned into the packaging phase without delay as soon as they are assembled. This coordination is particularly beneficial in high-demand periods as it allows for a continuous flow of products through the assembly and packaging stages.
  • Reducing Handling: Minimizing the handling of products between the assembly and packaging phases reduces the risk of damage and shortens the time products spend in the processing chain. Additionally, integrated services often mean that products are packaged in a way that is optimized for shipping, further reducing transit times from the facility to the customer.

Reduced Labor Costs

A man places his hand under a chain pulley where an item is being assembled and packaged

Integrating assembly and packaging also allows for a more cohesive and coordinated workflow. Workers can be cross-trained to handle both, leading to more versatile labor use.

Automation is also an option—automated systems can handle repetitive tasks like assembly and packaging more efficiently and consistently than manual labor, leading to long-term savings in labor costs. Automation also reduces any chance of human error, further saving quality control and rework costs.

Lastly, integrating these serves makes planning and scheduling more efficient, as the entire process from assembly to packaging is considered in unison. This comprehensive planning reduces overtime costs and ensures predictable labor scheduling.

Is Integrated Assembly & Packaging Right for Your Business?

Integrating these two services is ideal for any business that:

  • Requires exceptional product integrity and timely delivery, like in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries.
  • Deals with high volumes of products, especially those with seasonal demands like toys or clothing.
  • Frequently manufactures high-value products or other products with rapid product lifecycle turnovers, like electronics.
  • Processes perishable items.

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