Custom packages in a warehouse

3 Benefits of Custom Packaging Services

No matter your industry, smart packing and cost-effective transit matter. Although there are upfront costs linked to customized packaging, you’ll likely find that they allow you to systemize your in-house procedures and prevent a lot of frustration down the road.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the primary benefits of outsourcing custom packaging services, starting with cost savings. 

1. Long-Term Cost & Time-Saving Benefits

When you invest in customized shipping pallets, crates, casing, and boxes, you’ll save money by having containers specially made for the products you routinely ship. This cuts back on material waste and provides better protection for your items. Additionally, having custom-made shipping containers allows your product handlers to develop repeatable protocols that save time and increase job site safety.

2. Reduced Shipping Risks & Product Damage

Whether you transport your goods via truck, plane, train, or ship, it’s important to remember that modern transit companies also want to maximize their profits. Gone are the days when weight was the only consideration in shipping costs. Today, transit companies utilize physical weight and dimensional weight to determine what it costs to ship a given item. Working with a third-party packaging company means getting help designing more cost-effective packaging.

Additionally, custom packaging minimizes extra space, meaning that the products inside move around less, significantly decreasing the risk of damage or loss. After all, when products are damaged, customers have to ship the product back and wait for a new one to arrive. These unexpected delays result in a poor customer experience that can tarnish your company’s reputation. 

3. Less Waste

Made-to-spec packaging is specifically designed for given products, meaning there’s not a lot of extra space to fill with padding, styrofoam peanuts, bubble wrap, or other fillers. Nobody wants to pay additional costs because their containers are too big for the products they’re shipping. Plus, someone has to deal with all the extra packaging materials, which typically end up in the trash.

Get Custom Packaging Services From Export Corporation

If you don’t have the in-house capacity to carry out packaging runs, turn to a professional company like Export Corporation. We’re ITAR- and SAM-registered and ISPM- and ISO 9001-certified, and we have been helping clients in the military/defense, commercial, aerospace, and automotive sectors for over 70 years. Contact us today to learn more about our custom packaging services and capabilities.