Looking for “repackaging services near me”? Packaging items and preparing them for delivery to your clients and customers can be a significant part of the distribution process. Whether you’re fulfilling a military contract or shipping automotive components to a manufacturer, find out how the repackaging services our Michigan packaging company provides can help you send commercial items safely and efficiently.

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What Are Repackaging Services?

Repackaging is essential for successful warehousing and distribution. Repacking services are used to repackage goods from bulk packaging into customized packaging in order to maximize the efficiency of the package and improve the overall distribution experience. Doing so strategically results in lower shipping costs and improved safety during the transportation process. Shipping carriers typically use “dimensional weight” when determining pricing for larger packages, so utlizing repackaging to be as space-efficient as possible will reduce those rates. Beyond that, repackaging can be used for compiling documentation of goods for record-keeping. At Export Corporation, we understand our customer’s needs and develop customized solutions to all of their repacking needs.

Functional Repackaging

When it comes to repackaging, there are two main types – functional repackaging and aesthetic repackaging. At Export Corporation, our main focus is on functional repackaging, which focuses on ergonomics and improving logistics. Aesthetic packaging focuses on the appearance of the packaging rather than efficiency.

Benefits of Repackaging

The overall goal of repackaging is streamlining your shipping process. Repackaging can help you save money on shipping costs, since you can group items into space-saving configurations and kit them at an area closer to your customer. Working with a third-party repackaging service also frees up space in your facility. Use this additional space to expand your routine production line or take on custom orders.

Don’t spend all your resources creating custom packaging and organizing pre-assembled kits, but let a dedicated staff of packaging and repackaging professionals handle this process. Completely retrofitting your facility to package items for their end point customer can be an inefficient use of your resources. This is particularly true if you’re handling custom orders.

Packaging Services

At Export Corporation, our packaging services allow you to streamline your operations and ensure your custom products or heavy items reach their destination safely and efficiently. All of our services can be combined or provided individually to meet your personal needs. Whether you’re dealing with a single customer or outsourcing your entire packaging process, work with Export Corporation.

We start with thorough counting, contenting and bar code printing services to ensure the entire process is organized efficiently. This eliminates the risk of missing components or improperly packaging parts. We sort all your items to ensure they reach the right customer at the right time.

Next, our team can create custom crates, custom pallets, corrugated products or bags to protect your items. These packaging products can be designed in line with industry standards or military requirements, depending on your customers’ needs.

We can include decontenting, assembly, repackaging and kitting services to prepare products for the final customer. Kitted products dramatically reduce the time it takes for your customer to assemble your product, which is a value-added service you can provide them through Export Corporation.

Finally, our warehousing and distribution services help you manage the entire process and ensure every product reaches its destination. Work with our expert team to ensure your components are properly sorted, organized and delivered in an efficient manner.

Contract Packaging and Co-Packing

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We also offer contract packaging services. Also known as co-packing, this service handles the final packaging steps in your manufacturing process. Instead of investing in packaging technology and technicians in your existing facility, work with one of the leading contract packaging companies in Michigan to create customer-facing packaging solutions.

This service is popular with short- and medium-volume custom orders. Take on a new client and create custom products without completely retooling and reorganizing your packaging process. Simply pack all your items into containers and ship them to our facility. We work with your designs, or offer design services, to create packaging that promotes your business and protects your products.

Repackaging Services Near Me

We offer short- and long-term contract packaging services and repackaging services to help you hit your business goals. So if you are looking for “repackaging services near me” in and around Detroit, Ann Arbor, Novi, Farmington Hills, Dearborn, Oakland County, Macomb County, Clinton Township and more, contact us today for more details.