Custom Wood Pallets Stacked in Warehouse

Unpacking the Benefits of Custom Crates & Pallets

If your business transports or stores goods regularly, you already understand the importance of high-quality, efficient packaging, especially for high-value or highly fragile merchandise—packaging that’s too large significantly enhances the probability of incurring damage during transit. That’s where custom crates and pallets come into the picture.

Crates and pallets customized for each product drastically decrease transportation and storage risks while offering other benefits.

In this article, we’ll highlight three of the most significant benefits custom crates and pallets offer.

Designed to Meet Industry Regulations

Staying compliant with transportation and packaging regulations is important but easily overlooked. Crates can be constructed to meet specialized regulations, including those outlined in International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM 15), that help improve safety in the international shipping industry. 

Custom pallets and crates can also be designed to accommodate stringent military regulations, including MIL-C-104, ASTM-D-6251, MIL-B-26195C, and more. 

Durability & Sustainability

Customized crates and pallets are also designed to withstand harsh environments. Of course, you want and need to keep the goods you ship and store safe, secure, and undamaged. 

As a business that stores, ships, or otherwise transports goods frequently, it’s smart to use highly durable crates that can withstand the repeated abuse of multiple shipments via various methods of transport. You can order customized solutions incorporating galvanized steel and other fortifying materials to ensure optimal durability and feel good about using sustainable, reusable materials.

Customization & Versatility

Custom Wood Crates in Various Sizes

While hardwood or softwood typically serves as the base material for most crating, steel can add rigidity and strength to key areas of crates, plastic provides an alternative and reusable possibility, and a variety of protective layers can shield even the most fragile products from impact, moisture, and static electricity.
Custom crating can also be equipped with foam or other fillers to prevent unnecessary movement during transportation. 

Better Organization & Reduced Space

Lastly, customized crates help businesses enhance their capabilities when shipping industrial equipment or other bulky, heavy items more likely to incur or cause damage. 

Size matters, and when your crates are customized to the exact specifications needed to ensure minimal wasted space, they’re smaller and, therefore, cost less to ship. Smaller crates that fit your merchandise tighter also reduce the need for space fillers like paper, bubble wrap, and styrofoam peanuts. 

You can also order stackable crates or pallets, which require less space during transit or in storage. Stacking your crates in your storage facility cuts back on wasted space. 

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